Project Close Out

At Schumacher Companies, we take pride in making sure that you are fully satisfied with your construction project and that all your needs are met. We provide assistance during the close-out phase to ensure a smooth transition for your project, from concept to completion

Our project close-out management services include, but are not limited to:

● Develop punch lists with owner input
● Submit warranties
● Submit operating and maintenance manuals
● Secure the Certificate of Occupancy

South Florida Construction Management and Close-Out Services

We will provide a detailed plan, schedule and implement orderly closeout procedures to ensure your project is satisfactory, as well as consult on the preparation of a punch list, stating the amount of work remaining to be accomplished and ensure that these items are completed as smoothly as possible.

Additionally, our staff will assemble all guarantees and warranties as required by the contract documents to certify that they have been completed and cover all work as required.

As your trusted contracting professionals, we make certain that our clients receive their completed project in working order without fail.

Interested in learning more about our project close-out process? Contact Schumacher Companies today to discuss your new construction project and learn more about what our team can do for you.