Bidding Services

Over the years, Schumacher Companies has developed solid relationships with trusted subcontractors who share our business values and dedication to quality construction. We can help you take advantage of competitive pricing for every size project and negotiate or bid contracts to execute your project within budget, on time, and with the highest quality.

Our bidding construction services include:

• Preparation of subcontractor big packages
• Pre-qualifying bidders
• Analyze and negotiate sub bids
• Secure all permits

Project Bidding in South Florida

Schumacher Companies provides bidding services on an “open-book basis”.  All of our projects are bid to multiple subcontractors within each trade that is applicable to your project and those bids are available for our clients’ review.
This unique, value-based bidding process, is one more example of Schumacher Companies’ integrity driven project delivery.  SchuCom knows their client’s budget, along with quality and construction duration, are the driving factors for a successful construction project.

To learn more about our construction bidding services, contact Schumacher Companies today and discover what our team can do for you.